Automatinis inkubatorius paukščių perinimui 51 kiaušiniai

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Product Description

This egg incubator PUISOR X2 EXTRA IO-204 is part of the series PUISOR X2 with automatic turning once every 2 hours. This egg incubator has digital display for temperature and humidity and programmable temperature controller.

This egg incubators important atribute is that it has an ideal temperature leveling thanks to the round shape. It is manufactured with a transparent cover for better surveillance of the recently hatched chicks and it has fully automatic temperature control.

Technical details:
Supply voltage: 230 Vac
Maximum supplied power: 100 W
Dimensions: Ø 52 x 25 cm
Capacity: 51 chicken eggs
Incubator Temperature Control : Programmable temperature controller
Temperature range: 25ºC – 41ºC
Egg turning: automatic, once every two hours (turning the eggs takes 4-5 seconds)
Temperature display: Yes
Humidity display: Yes

Controller technology: PID



working Voltage

230 V  / 50 Hz.,

Max power


Electricity costs

50W/ h (inkubator.)+ 6mW/h (controller.)= 50.01W/h

Temperature Control

You can change , PVZ 37.5C ,  37.8C, 38C and other….


Accuracy  3%


3.3 Kg  | transportation box 3.8 Kg

Noise level



Atitinka CEI 60335-2-71 / 2002

Warranty: 24 month.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 480 × 480 × 240 cm