Brooder Cage With 5 Floor


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Daily Per Floor Chick Capacity:
-Chicken – Duck chicks: 45-50
-Quail chicks: 90-100
-Partridge – Pheasant Chicks:70-80
-Turkey – Goose chick : 30-35
Lattice Structure
-Patented design in Turkey,
-Closed form with high energy savings,
-Maximum daylight for chicks with semi-transparent layer design,
-High heat resistance structure for all fertilizers and plastic,
-Easy to clean, high hygiene standards,
-5-storey block building,
-Natural air entry and exit holes along the cage,
-Integrated non-woven floor structure,
-15 Pieces Chick Stands,
-Ease of movement block with lockable casters,
-Sent all dismantled/flat packed for low shipping costs,
-Easy and fun with the installation manual setup.
-5 Automatic Heating Module,
-Independent modular design of the cage,
-Anodized aluminum stainless steel module housing non rusting,
-Guards that prevent chicks touching the heater,
-220V AC operating voltage,
-125 W stainless steel tube heater,
-Automatic temperature control with adjustable thermostat 0-40,
-E 27 heard slot for bulb
-Heater LED indicator,
-Each level has separate fuse protection,
-Plastic feeders along each floor,
-Easy cleaning with integrated feeder structure,
-Plastic grid prevents chicks from escaping,
-15 Pieces Starter chick feeder.
-20 liter capacity water tank,
-Automatic nipple watering system,
-adjustable height linkage according to chick height,
-Does not require adhesive to assembly watering clamp ,
-Black silicone hose prevents algae,
-10 pieces starter baby chick waterer.

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