Full Automatic Incubator 264 egg

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These professional incubators are very stable, energy-efficient and provide excellent hatching results. They’re equipped with a very sturdy egg turning mechanism that can hold different egg trays depending on the type of eggs to be incubated. Both temperature and humidity within the incubator are fully automatically maintained and easily set on the digital control panel. The necessary humidity levels are maintained by a heating element within the water tank along with a fan which instantly pulls out the necessary humidity if it gets too high. The second powerful fan takes care of even temperature on the inside of the incubator.

Incubators’ walls are skilfully insulated. The power ranges from 100W to 240W depending on the capacity of any given model. The incubators weigh starting from 40kg up to 140kg, again, depending on capacity chosen. If you require larger capacities that aren’t listed on our website, please call +371 2005 2006.

RECENT IMPROVEMENT: incubators’ water tanks come equipped with a float valve that, in combination with an outside water supply source makes one forget about manually adding water during the incubation (please see product image).

The intelligent control panel offers a wide range of settings:
– temperature
– humidity level
– temperature and humidity alarm settings
– max and min temperature setting limits
– egg turning speed and frequency
– ventilation time and frequency
– temperature sensor calibration
– humidity sensor calibration

The main difference between series CLASSIC and NEW is as follows: the CLASSIC incubators have only one hatching box located on the bottom of the incubator indepently from the egg-turning mechanism. The hatching box can hold around 200-300 eggs which means the total capacity of the incubators exceeds that of the hatching box, thus, all the eggs cannot be placed inside the incubation simultaneously (unless you have a separate hatching unit in your farm). The eggs must be placed for incubation in batches of 200-300 with 2-3 days intervals. When the hatching time comes you can move the first batch to hatch for 2-3 days whilst freeing-up space for new batch of eggs to start the incubation. That way constant rotation can be sustained – continuous incubation on the main top space of the incubator and constant hatching on the bottom in the hatching box. The hatching box is located just above the water tank with heating element providing a very good environment for successful hatching.

Series NEW, on the contrary, have several hatching boxes matching the total capacity of the incubator. It means that you can put in, let’s say, 440 eggs into 440 egg model all at once and when they’re ready for hatching just take out the egg holding trays, place eggs directly into the hatching boxes and leave them all to hatch increasing the overall humidity level for ideal hatching environment.


≥ 98%

Temperature accuracy

± 0,1 ° C

Temperature steps

± 0,1 ° C

Temperature control accuracy

≤ ± 0.2 – 0,3 ° C

Other tech.information

Full automatic

Air heating element


Egg turning cycle

 Every 2 hour (you can change time)

Egg turning time

You can change

Total Capasity:


Available extra :  Chicken, duck, goose egg rack (web link)

Air exchange cycle

0-999 you can change time

Air ventilation time

0-999 you can change time

Probes length

2,0 m

Work power

AC220V-230V, 50Hz

Humidity control accuracy

2 % RH 

Working environment temp.

nuo 0 ° C  iki   +40 ° C

Power consumption

 about 220W

Dimension, m (L x W x H)

 all model are different
Made In PRC
Warranty 2 year

Additional information

Weight 48 kg