Full Automatic Incubator RCOM PRO 50


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Product Description

This incubator allows the user to program all functions, temperature, humidity and egg turning frequency and angle. Automatic mode which allows the user to simply select the species being incubated, add water and leave the incubator to select the correct conditions. The incubator will cease turning eggs two days before hatching and will indicate the number of days remaining until hatch.

It has towo sensors, one for detecting surrounding environment and the other for internal conditions within the incubator.

Main functions:

  • Automatic temperature setting and control
  • Automatic humidity setting and control
  • Automatic hourly egg turning
  • Hatching Date D-Day Count
  • Antiblastic Humidification method by heating water, which discourages bacterial growth.
  • Large double-glazed observation window
  • Easy dismantling for cleaning
  • Selection of °C or °F for temperature display

Safety functions:

  • Alarm to warn if the observation window is not secured
  • Alarm and display function of abnormal temperature caused by sudden fluctuation of ambient temperature
  • Automatic fan cutout when incubator is disassembled
  • ’Low Water’ alarm
  • Incubation settings are automatically saved in the event of power failure

Egg Capacity :
Small Egg Tray, Standard Egg Tray & Large Egg Tray supplied so you can incubate various sized eggs.

  • Hens – (or equivalent) 48
  • Quail – (or equivalent) 116
  • Goose – (or equivalent) 24

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