Professional egg hatching incubator 60 S

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Product Description

Tai profesionalūs inkubatoriai su stabiliais darbo, energijos taupymo rėžimais, puikiai
Product Description
The CT60 SH hatching cabinet incubator has a capacity to hold up to 60 hen eggs, with this easy to function product and its highly insulated cabin it ensures energy saving and digital heating, this product also offers a humidity and automatic controller which in return gives progression to high hatching rate and value.

SH versions provide fully automatic humidity control.

High performance, highly insulated, flexible incubator with integral hatcher,
Collective loading / Collective hatching ,
Twin double glazed clear observation door design,
Automatic digital temperature control and digital indicator,
Humisonic TM Full automatic humidifier system, Digital humidity indicator with a water depot,
Airroute TM Plus Ventilation technology with upto 90% energy efficiency insulated cabinet,
2 x Conturn TM30 Fully automatic egg turner,
2 x CS30 Hatching Tray,
High-Low temperature sensor alarm,
High-Low humidity sensor alarm,
230V – 50Hz, Average: 45 W Max.: 145 W Low Energy Usage,
Product Dimensions : 36 x 60 x 50(h) cm
Weight : 13 kg

CONTURN™ automatic egg turn system
HUMISONIC™ full humidity control system
AIRROUTE PLUS™ special air heating & exchange system
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