Professional Heater Element For Brooder 125W


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Product Description

It is an innovative solution for bird breeding. These heating elements are intended for small birdwatchers from the first days, the heating element is 125 W with a thermostat. The frame of these heater are made from aluminum, which provides strength and durability.


After the heater can be heated: from 60-80 pcs of small birds;
Length x Width x Height: 68.6 cm x 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm;
Heater power: 125W.
Equipped interior lighting – in a cylindrical holder;
Thermoregulator supports heat up to + 40C.

Main benefits:

Unique patented design;
The housing is very durable and does not change the shape;
All parts and items are usually and quickly replaced;
The heating element are durable.

Additional information

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