Programmable Digital Timer Relay 230 V, weekly 7days


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Voltage tating: 220VAC
Hysteresis: 2 sec/day
ON/OFF operation:16 ON/OFF
Display: LCD
Minimum interval: 1 minute
Switching contact:1 changeover switch
Power reserve: 3 years
Ambient temperature:-10~+40C
Ambient humidity: 35~85 RH


Set times: 16 times switch (day / week)
Setting time: 1 minute to 168 hours
Travel time error: 1s/24h
Power failure memory: 60 days (built-in 1.2V rechargeable battery)
Dimensions: 60x60x32mm
Installed by the way: screw connector connection
(plus 72x72mm panel enclosure can be installed by)

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