Temperature & humidity controller with timer. PID 230V

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Product Description

Is an industrial intelligent temperature and humidity controller. It can connect SSR expire output and adopt PID to control temp with high precision. It use easy touched button and big LCD display, convenient operation and easy installation. Applicable for control of incubator, climate chamber, warehouse, and so on.
Main function
1. Temperature control, three combination output. PID high precision control is chosen.
2. Humidify and dehumidify control
3. Time air exchange control
4. Time egg turning control
5. Illumination control
6. Node alarm output
7. Auto restart function
8. Temperature humidity over limit warning and protection function
9. Temperature humidity sensor fault warning and protection

Power supply: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Relay outpul(8 ways), Analog quantity input (2 ways):
Main temp, control relay(250VAC 7.5A, resistive load);

NTC temperature sensor 5K/3470;
Ancillary temp. relay(250VAC 7.5A, resistive load);

Humidity sensor SHR04;
Humidity controlrelay(250VAC 7.5A, resistive load);
Lamp relay(250VAC 7.5A, resistive load)
Air exchange relay(250VAC 7.5A, resistive load)
Egg turning relay(250VAC 7.5A, resistive load)
Alarm output relay(250VAC 7.5A, resistive load)
SSR (20mA 10VDC MAX);
Setting range: humidity 0~ 100RH, temperature 0~ 100°C

Measuring accuracy: temperature 1%. humidity 5%

 Working environment: -20~45°C!10~90RH no dewing C

Whole machines dimension: 135 * 86 “55 (mm)

Drilling template: 120 * 75 (mm)

Conection wire:


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