Thermostat & humidity controller with time relay 230V


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Product Description

Intelligent temperature and humidity controller. Compact design. IP65 level front panel protection, convenient operation and easy installation. Suitable for control of incubator, climate chamber, warehouse, and so on.

Main Function

Heating control (R3);
Dehumidify control Humidify control (R2) Humidity load (R2) delay protection;
Timer 1 control (R4 R5) (egg left-turning, egg right-turning);
Timer 2 control (Rl) (Ventilation);
Temperature and humidity measurement and display;
Temperature and humidity calibration;
Sensor failure warning;
Size Specification;
Front panel dimension: 78* 34.5mm;
Drilling template: 71* 29mm;
Whole machines dimension: 78* 34.5* 71mm;
Length of sensor(s): 3m (including the sensor probe).

Technical Specification

Power supply: AC185 -245V 50HZ;
Input signal: One humidity and temperature sensor, sensor wire length 1 meter;
Output load: Rl R3 10A/250Vac, R2 16A/250Vac, R4 R5 3A’250Vac (Resistive load);
Setting range: Humidity 0-100RH, step 0.1%; temperature -20-120°Ca step 0.1°C;
Absolute accuracy: Temperature 1%; humidity 3%;
Working environment: -20-45°C; 10-90RH without dew;
Protection level: IP65 (front panel);
Case: PC + ABS Fire Proo;
Protection Degree: IP65 (front panel);
PCB Lacquered protection.



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